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Chargeheads is for for like-minded individuals that like the idea of Modified EV's and electrifying their ICE (Internal Combustion Engined) cars. Be it a classic car, modern classic, or anything else with four wheels you fancy, there is room for all.

I started Chargeheads as I wanted to encourage more car enthusiasts into electric cars, as this is the future of the car scene. As battery technology improves and batteries themselves come down in price it becomes more feasible to breathe new life into ICE cars.

So whether you are going the route of DIY EV (Electric Vehicle), finding a company to  help you convert to electric or you have interest in the idea, you've come to the right place.

Chargeheads have a Youtube Channel called ChargeheadsUK and that will cover all things EV Conversion and Modifed EV. 

There is also an EV Vlog converting a TVR to electric the TVRWEDGEE

check it out!

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