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Jun 07, 2021
In EV Projects & Builds
I couple of years ago I used to commute to work in a Smart Roadster and it got me thinking it would make a great EV conversion. Somewhere on Youtube there is a chap doing one, but he has not updated in the last year or so. He has used a non-Smart motor / battery setup. As you may know there is already an EV Smart ForTwo in the current and previous models - the standard electric motor would fit the rear subframe of the Roadster easily enough. Then the problem would be converting the controls etc etc - this is where my knowledge hits the buffers!! There is a company in the Netherlands and they can sell the battery / motor / charger etc for around Euro 16k. I think the range would be around 100 miles. Do any of you have experience of the best types / sizes / outputs of motors that might fit this little thing?!!! Another car, I've previously owned (for 11 yrs!) was a Renault Avantime - I think this would make a great EV conversion!!
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